Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pulling a Zekk

I haven't been very active of late. Got law exams coming up in November so got a lot of studying to do which I'm not doing a very good job with. Made my only corpie a director and I've given him a free reign. Lets see what he does with it. Hopefully some fun and chaos will ensue.

So the other night it was late and since I finished training BC 5 (oh hell yeah) I decided I would take my uber sexy now near max skilled Cane out for a roam and do some damage. And oh was damage done. My first fight was against a bunch of station hugging frogs. At least they gave me a fight. One chap in a Harb and another in a Daredevil.

I expected the usual station warfare tactics so I used the standard counter. The Harb was a scram, long point, web boat so I wasn't too worried about him. I figured I would be able to neut him down pretty quick. (I learned about his fit from an earlier engagement.) And we know how well Amarr laser boats do without cap.

So I undock and start burning away from the undock. Both of them undock after me and start chasing. The Daredevil is a bit slow to get going and I'm 30km away from the undock by the time he gets a scram and web on me, playing right into my hands. Drones go out and neuts are turned on. In no time he has no propulsion and his point is just about staying on. As it turns out the Harb had a cap booster but no propulsion. Good lucking catching up.

So we start doing the slow dance. I'm moving away aligned to get out. Webbed and scrammed some of the time, occasionally getting the MWD running for a few seconds. The Harb is struggling to catch up. I'm not sure if he's gaining or falling behind and the Daredevil is getting spanked.

I'm just hoping he tries to align and get out so his transversal drops and my guns can track his lil frig. Alas no such luck. As he gets down to half armour the bloody harb drops light ecm drones. Now I'm like no fucking way. I want this kill. The Daredevil drops in to structure. I will my warriors on to kill him faster praying to PVP Gods for my lock to hold. God damned minmatar sensor strength! The ECM drones get a jam and the Daredevil warps out with what must have been less that 25% structure. I'm already down to half shields somehow so I decide this isn't a fight I'm going to win if I stick around to play with the Harb so I bug out as well. Gfs are exchanged in local.

Now it's getting really late and I'm heading towards some of the hotspots. I'm really tired but I push myself to go on. I know there is a kill somewhere in the future.... I look up and I'm in a station. WTF!? What just happened? Oh shit yeah. I fell asleep on a gate. I check my KB. Some gallente found me sitting on the gate, raped and podded me while I slept through it all. At least I didn't feel a thing. 

So yeah, for those of you who are still wondering, those of you know me are probably facepalming. Falling asleep on a gate in low sec or even 0.0 (though I haven't done the 0.0 one yet I think, at least I haven't gotten killed for it)... that's pulling a Zekk!

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  1. Heh heh.

    I had a memorable incident in 0.0 once. Fell asleep on a hostile pos and woke up on a gate (fleet warped) in a logistics ship. Not just any gate either, but the gate to the hostiles' staging system. Oh, and I was being tackled.

    I didn't die, but there are few occasions on which I have more deserved to.