Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Off for a bit

Well exams are round the corner now and I have almost no time to play if I want to pass. I've got some nice long skills on like Matar BS 5 and Caldari Cruiser 5 so that I can get into a Marauder and Nighthawk. Get my PVE on when I get back. If things go as planned I should be back in the beginning of December. I'll see you guys then. Keep killing shit and fly wreckless.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pulling a Zekk

I haven't been very active of late. Got law exams coming up in November so got a lot of studying to do which I'm not doing a very good job with. Made my only corpie a director and I've given him a free reign. Lets see what he does with it. Hopefully some fun and chaos will ensue.

So the other night it was late and since I finished training BC 5 (oh hell yeah) I decided I would take my uber sexy now near max skilled Cane out for a roam and do some damage. And oh was damage done. My first fight was against a bunch of station hugging frogs. At least they gave me a fight. One chap in a Harb and another in a Daredevil.

I expected the usual station warfare tactics so I used the standard counter. The Harb was a scram, long point, web boat so I wasn't too worried about him. I figured I would be able to neut him down pretty quick. (I learned about his fit from an earlier engagement.) And we know how well Amarr laser boats do without cap.

So I undock and start burning away from the undock. Both of them undock after me and start chasing. The Daredevil is a bit slow to get going and I'm 30km away from the undock by the time he gets a scram and web on me, playing right into my hands. Drones go out and neuts are turned on. In no time he has no propulsion and his point is just about staying on. As it turns out the Harb had a cap booster but no propulsion. Good lucking catching up.

So we start doing the slow dance. I'm moving away aligned to get out. Webbed and scrammed some of the time, occasionally getting the MWD running for a few seconds. The Harb is struggling to catch up. I'm not sure if he's gaining or falling behind and the Daredevil is getting spanked.

I'm just hoping he tries to align and get out so his transversal drops and my guns can track his lil frig. Alas no such luck. As he gets down to half armour the bloody harb drops light ecm drones. Now I'm like no fucking way. I want this kill. The Daredevil drops in to structure. I will my warriors on to kill him faster praying to PVP Gods for my lock to hold. God damned minmatar sensor strength! The ECM drones get a jam and the Daredevil warps out with what must have been less that 25% structure. I'm already down to half shields somehow so I decide this isn't a fight I'm going to win if I stick around to play with the Harb so I bug out as well. Gfs are exchanged in local.

Now it's getting really late and I'm heading towards some of the hotspots. I'm really tired but I push myself to go on. I know there is a kill somewhere in the future.... I look up and I'm in a station. WTF!? What just happened? Oh shit yeah. I fell asleep on a gate. I check my KB. Some gallente found me sitting on the gate, raped and podded me while I slept through it all. At least I didn't feel a thing. 

So yeah, for those of you who are still wondering, those of you know me are probably facepalming. Falling asleep on a gate in low sec or even 0.0 (though I haven't done the 0.0 one yet I think, at least I haven't gotten killed for it)... that's pulling a Zekk!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finding a home

Curse was nice but it's almost impossible to live in unless you have a fair number of friends with you.

I tried a few Amarr systems in low sec but personally I don't like Amarr and Matar space too much. So I'm packing my things up, warming up the freighter engines and prepping the autopilot. Destination, Hallanen. It's got a nice Lvl 5 Caldari Navy agent so I can make my ISKies without too much trouble and it's in Cal-Gal FW space is target rich, plus I know the area well.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Run Forest. RUN!


The Cartel's hold is slipping. Eggers are the new kings. I complete my quota of missions for my agent and I'm free to get on with my own plans. That's my deal. It's not the best deal but that's the price for a independent pays for Cartel affiliation.

I jumped in to my trusty Dramiel and off I went. I've been living in this ship for a good while but I'm still struggling to find form. Too often I push her to hard or not hard enough. Gotta find the sweet spot.

Destination: The battleground of the slaves and slavers. Still new to the area so we should probably be cautious.

First target. Hurricane. 15km off the gate. This could be doable. No tacking bonus, probably got warrior class drones so those should do little damage against my shields and they will die quickly. He locks me and gets a volley off before I get in to a tight orbit and lock his rust bucket up. I notice he's trying to pull away from the gate. That doesn't make sense, he won't be able to deagress and jump through, unless.... I overheat the AB and burn for the gate. Another volley. Shields all gone now. Cmon jump already.... and we're through with just a bit of armour damage. Good thing I waited before I engaged. I jump through to find a Tempest and  a Thrasher. Remember children, never engage on a gate unless you know what's on the other side.

Off to the station to rep up. I undock and 2 Minmatar Military sites are being reinforced by Matar Militia. Sweet. Warp to the closest one, scan, thrasher inside... this could be fun and I activate the acceleration gate. The little shit is close to the center of the complex. I hit the MWD and burn towards him. The little cowards warps off.

Warp to the next site. Scan as I am landing. Tempest, Thrasher. Hopefully they're both aren't on the Acc gate otherwise things could end badly and quickly. I land. Just the tempest. Wave in local and activate. Different Thrasher, same place, I do the same thing and the runs away again.

Now I'm getting annoyed. Fucking cowards. Time to piss them off. Warp to a planet and back to the acc gate at 50km. The tempest is there. He locks me up and sends out the warriors. Nice. Target practice. AB on and orbit at current range. The drones come in and I get a volley from 425 autos. Shields down to 90%. Dual 425s. Lol. The guns on my Cane are 425s. Lock the warrirors up and they start dropping like flies. The thrasher is back and trying to AB towards me. Good luck to you little fella. FW Eggers really are fail. The drones are dead an my shield alarm goes off. Time to warp out.

Right now everyone is proper annoyed. I continue on my roam. A few jumps off and a Matar FW Thrasher and I land on the gate at the same time. They must have some kind of sponsorship thing going. Bulk rate perhaps. What the hell. I jump in after, point and engage. RF EMP S is loaded and I orbit at 7500m. We're eating in to each others shields. Mine are dropping faster. Alarm goes off. Right, this wasn't the best idea. Time to run for it. Align and MWD. Scrammed so MWD and we're in to Armour. Not good. Aligning, cmon. Shit forgot to turn on the AB. Activate and heat. Into structure... and we're in warp. Out at 23% structure! We yell good fight to each other over open comms. Okay, so maybe all of them aren't fail.

So no kills but we're still alive. Dock and repair. Again. Need to get a wingman and improve the EM resist as well. Probably drop the 2 polycarbs for another EM rig and one Thermal. Compensate with some speed impants. Might be able to kill other drams as well.

And another day ends.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back to Yarr!

No nothing to do with that lot. I've handed over the top job back to Ax and I'm off to do what I've always wanted to. Pirate. Not just be any kind of pirate, an Angel Cartel pirate. Coz they are the best, they have sweet ships and they're the only pirate faction that doesn't hate me.

I've always been into the idea of doing some light RP and this is the perfect opportunity. So after I spent enough time to make my mind go numb a dozen times over I finally have all my ships moved out. I headed over to Utopia, which is the home systems of the Angel Cartel. Just as I jumped in to system firecrackers went off outside my place. If that isn't a sign that I'm meant to do this I don't know what is.

Picked my logo and now I'm the proud CEO of my very own pirate corp, Angel Raiders [ANGRE] with my HQ in Utopia. My first order of business as a pirate is to work on my sec status. No self respecting pirate can have a sec status of +5.0. So I'm off to Amarr to suicide gank indies with too much loot in them and have my trusty alt scoop the goodies.

Death may be the road to awe.... but now it's all about the Rum and Tears.


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bonjour IRC

It's been a long time since my last update. A lot has happened overlast  the few months. The 22nd has weeded out the inactives and we have an eager and experienced lot of eggers join up in our quest to setup a stronghold and eradicate the Gurista Scum.

In our time out here while our strength has grown and we have made many friends we have discovered many hidden enemies. A new threat has emerged in the drone regions, in a place called Cobalt Edge. As always, we have two choices, we can wait for the enemy to build its strength and come to us, as we did with the hoardes of the south, or we fly out and meet this threat, destroying it at its root. This time we shall not stand idly by. Hundreds and thousands of pilots will deploy on this quest and we shall not rest until Cobalt Edge has been tamed by the Northern Coalition.

Deploying and co-ordinating large fleets is a great challenge but the 22nd has been fortunate in this regard. While our capital fleet has expanded, Lady Zekksy, an intriguing Amarrian with a Gallente view of the universe has recently joined us. She may not know how to slit your throat but she can empty your pockets or fill them with ISK. Her cunning extends to the arena of Trade, Industry and Commerce. She has recently acquired an Anshar. An amazing ship which is able to cover many light years, while carrying hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of cargo, in a matter of seconds. This industrial flagship has allowed us to deploy Billions in combat assets to our forward operating bases allowing our pilots to dish out one devastating blow after another. Always armed. Always ready.

(I am curious though as to how she has been able to acquire such expensive assets over such a short duration of time. I dare not inquire too openly for the loss of her support at this juncture could prove devastation. This investigation will have to be done covertly.)

Bonjour Intrepid Crossing. The 22nd is at your door. We may not be invited but we've brought some friends and a sledgehammer and this is how we say hello.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Corporate Politics: Maneuvering

There are many pieces in motion and the music is playing. I carefully maneuver and wait. I don't like leaving things to chance. When the music stops he will be the one left standing. The pilots have started arriving from H-W. Most are still playing catchup. After the meeting tonight my position will be cemented. My first Corporation wide meeting as CEO. I lean back in my chair savouring the thought.

My mailbox flashes. A secure message. "Autoread." Excellent. The plan is falling in to place. He has been delayed. Family emergency. Waste of time. They make you soft. No wonder he lost control. This new guy is good. Expensive. That's what the corporate expense account is for. You can't put a price on reliability, especially with everything happening in the universe. Still, I have never really understood these Amarr. It's hard to know what someone will do when you don't understand what drives them. Power and ISK. Those are two currencies I understand.

There is a knock on my door. I can tell by the scent of the perfume it's her. "Sir?" I open my eyes. "Everything is in order for tonight's meeting. Shall I distribute the files to the arriving pilots?"