Thursday, April 08, 2010

Corporate Politics: Acquisition

"1000 company shares deposited into your account, sir. Is there anything else we can do for you?"

A good start, we're not there yet. The window of opportunity is small. Twenty four hours. I try to control myself, but I can't hold back the smile.

The trip to Hykanima was about business, but it's nice to be back in Black Rise. Corporate HQ. Too bad we're not staying. More old haunts to visit. The place I learned to fight. The Loki undocks. Destination Costolle.

C-Mac. Costolle Military Assistance Corporation. Pilots from the past. Living in the past. They have some new kids with talent, but they're flying the same old hulls... or are they? Tech 2! The Mercenary business must be more profitable than I thought. I might have to try a contract sometime. Distractions. We're here on business. They might live in low security space, but they control a significant share of the Corporation. Old shareholders fallen out of favour with the CEO. Flames to be fanned.

That was easy enough. They bought it. Hook, line and sinker. Almost too easy. He doesn't know yet. So busy. So out of touch. He did a good job, but he's getting old now. Complacent. Change is coming, whether he wants it or not. He shared power with me. I'll take it all.

She handles well. I can feel the advancements. The new technology. The universe feels different somehow, like it's bending to my will even more than before. So much power, yet so stealthy. T3. Beautiful. And they say the Matar can only produce scrap metal. That isn't completely untrue. A few volleys from her auto-cannons and that's exactly what we'll have. No time to waste. We're on a deadline.

CU9-T0. Operations HQ. She's pretty, for a Gallente. I can't fault his taste. She leads me in. "Have a seat sir. He'll be in shortly." I step through the office doors and look around. It's the same. I've been in here a hundred times yet it looks so different now. The plush interior. The wall decorated with pictures of pilots we flew with from the war. The trophy shelf. The empty spot. He still keeps a place for it. False hope. Nothing more than a reminder of the one we never received. The slap in our face. They turned their backs on us. One day we shall plant in knife in it. All unimportant right now. There it is! The chair. I walk over and fall back into it for the first time. It fits perfectly, like it was made for me.

"Just in time. Only an hour left before the vote closes."

"Hey Zekk," he calls as he walks in. A confused expression on his face. "I believe you're in my chair."

"Well actually..."

Some of the employees think I was cruel. I wasn't. It was just business. I offered him a Director's position if he voted for me. Not that it mattered. I already had the majority. The transition is easier this way. The new business cards look good. "Lord Zekk, CEO. 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit."

A new designation. A new flagship. And her. I grab a cigar from his.. my desk. Inspite of all my bitterness for the State, sitting back in my chair, I can't help but enjoy it. Acquisition.


  1. Fucking brilliant.

    It totally should have happened that way.

  2. I have 10 shares left over from my early days; I was wondering what might cause a change in leadership.