Thursday, September 23, 2010

Run Forest. RUN!


The Cartel's hold is slipping. Eggers are the new kings. I complete my quota of missions for my agent and I'm free to get on with my own plans. That's my deal. It's not the best deal but that's the price for a independent pays for Cartel affiliation.

I jumped in to my trusty Dramiel and off I went. I've been living in this ship for a good while but I'm still struggling to find form. Too often I push her to hard or not hard enough. Gotta find the sweet spot.

Destination: The battleground of the slaves and slavers. Still new to the area so we should probably be cautious.

First target. Hurricane. 15km off the gate. This could be doable. No tacking bonus, probably got warrior class drones so those should do little damage against my shields and they will die quickly. He locks me and gets a volley off before I get in to a tight orbit and lock his rust bucket up. I notice he's trying to pull away from the gate. That doesn't make sense, he won't be able to deagress and jump through, unless.... I overheat the AB and burn for the gate. Another volley. Shields all gone now. Cmon jump already.... and we're through with just a bit of armour damage. Good thing I waited before I engaged. I jump through to find a Tempest and  a Thrasher. Remember children, never engage on a gate unless you know what's on the other side.

Off to the station to rep up. I undock and 2 Minmatar Military sites are being reinforced by Matar Militia. Sweet. Warp to the closest one, scan, thrasher inside... this could be fun and I activate the acceleration gate. The little shit is close to the center of the complex. I hit the MWD and burn towards him. The little cowards warps off.

Warp to the next site. Scan as I am landing. Tempest, Thrasher. Hopefully they're both aren't on the Acc gate otherwise things could end badly and quickly. I land. Just the tempest. Wave in local and activate. Different Thrasher, same place, I do the same thing and the runs away again.

Now I'm getting annoyed. Fucking cowards. Time to piss them off. Warp to a planet and back to the acc gate at 50km. The tempest is there. He locks me up and sends out the warriors. Nice. Target practice. AB on and orbit at current range. The drones come in and I get a volley from 425 autos. Shields down to 90%. Dual 425s. Lol. The guns on my Cane are 425s. Lock the warrirors up and they start dropping like flies. The thrasher is back and trying to AB towards me. Good luck to you little fella. FW Eggers really are fail. The drones are dead an my shield alarm goes off. Time to warp out.

Right now everyone is proper annoyed. I continue on my roam. A few jumps off and a Matar FW Thrasher and I land on the gate at the same time. They must have some kind of sponsorship thing going. Bulk rate perhaps. What the hell. I jump in after, point and engage. RF EMP S is loaded and I orbit at 7500m. We're eating in to each others shields. Mine are dropping faster. Alarm goes off. Right, this wasn't the best idea. Time to run for it. Align and MWD. Scrammed so MWD and we're in to Armour. Not good. Aligning, cmon. Shit forgot to turn on the AB. Activate and heat. Into structure... and we're in warp. Out at 23% structure! We yell good fight to each other over open comms. Okay, so maybe all of them aren't fail.

So no kills but we're still alive. Dock and repair. Again. Need to get a wingman and improve the EM resist as well. Probably drop the 2 polycarbs for another EM rig and one Thermal. Compensate with some speed impants. Might be able to kill other drams as well.

And another day ends.

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