Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bonjour IRC

It's been a long time since my last update. A lot has happened overlast  the few months. The 22nd has weeded out the inactives and we have an eager and experienced lot of eggers join up in our quest to setup a stronghold and eradicate the Gurista Scum.

In our time out here while our strength has grown and we have made many friends we have discovered many hidden enemies. A new threat has emerged in the drone regions, in a place called Cobalt Edge. As always, we have two choices, we can wait for the enemy to build its strength and come to us, as we did with the hoardes of the south, or we fly out and meet this threat, destroying it at its root. This time we shall not stand idly by. Hundreds and thousands of pilots will deploy on this quest and we shall not rest until Cobalt Edge has been tamed by the Northern Coalition.

Deploying and co-ordinating large fleets is a great challenge but the 22nd has been fortunate in this regard. While our capital fleet has expanded, Lady Zekksy, an intriguing Amarrian with a Gallente view of the universe has recently joined us. She may not know how to slit your throat but she can empty your pockets or fill them with ISK. Her cunning extends to the arena of Trade, Industry and Commerce. She has recently acquired an Anshar. An amazing ship which is able to cover many light years, while carrying hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of cargo, in a matter of seconds. This industrial flagship has allowed us to deploy Billions in combat assets to our forward operating bases allowing our pilots to dish out one devastating blow after another. Always armed. Always ready.

(I am curious though as to how she has been able to acquire such expensive assets over such a short duration of time. I dare not inquire too openly for the loss of her support at this juncture could prove devastation. This investigation will have to be done covertly.)

Bonjour Intrepid Crossing. The 22nd is at your door. We may not be invited but we've brought some friends and a sledgehammer and this is how we say hello.


  1. They died well


  2. You know she banged Phantra for that ship, she is a vixen that one is.